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Original post by: Jeff Johnson ,


Just a warning to everyone with a chip in their bezel -

I sent my Mac in because the battery needed servicing and issues with the keyboard keys — both are issues covered by AppleCare.  However,  Apple refused to fix those issues because I had a chip in the bezel panel (triangular about ⅛” wide by ⅛” tall).  If I let them fix this cosmetic issue at my expense, they would cover the original issues under AppleCare. If it had been $100 for the fix I would have probably done it, maybe at $150, but they wanted $494! Yes, almost $500 for the bezel.


They didn't care that it was a cosmetic issue that I didn’t care about. The three reps I talked to said the service department fixes everything or nothing, and a cracked bezel is 100% user abuse and never covered under AppleCare.[br]


The reason it’s $494 that they don’t have just this panel in their parts inventory. This panel is part of the display assembly, so Apple’s service department  will have to replace the whole display on my laptop.  (their service center won’t replace a single part, just assembly of parts, so the whole screen is one part. [br]


The Apple rep assured me that if I fixed the bezel and then sent it back, they would cover my other issues under AppleCare. (Fingers crossed they didn’t lie when I ship it back next week).


I removed mine with tweezers and a good mini-vacuum to suck up  the tiny pieces of glass. (while it looks like a sticker, it’s more like one of those thin glass screen protectors) It took 20 minutes. replacement panel should be here in a few days. [br]


If I had known it was an issue, I would have placed one of my kid’s stickers over the chip so the service department wouldn’t see it.