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Original post by: Carlos Oulman ,


As you have dropped your phone in the pool, your phone is likely suffering from some water damage. If you have the ability to, get the phone opened up and get any water that has found its way into your phone out by using a hair dryer on low heat and tilting it in a way so that any water in the device will flow out and away from the logic board. I would strongly suggest not turning on the phone until you have all the water out as parts of the logic board can short out. The sooner you get the phone dried out the better as corrosion will start to affect the logic board. If you can already see corrosion starting, use isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush to clean the logic board then make sure you get rid of all the alcohol using the hair dryer. Contrary to popular belief, do not put your phone in rice. This just causes a major mess inside the phone.