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Original post by: James Hansen ,


So the hinge on my laptop broke about 6 months ago (actually not the hinge, its the part that the hinge is screwed to on the LCD back cover).  I took it all apart and epoxied the little “standoff” nuts to the back cover, and it lasted until a few days ago.  After doing some searching, it seems there are quite a few videos out there that show repairs on ux303’s with a bezel around the screen that sort of pops off, exposing four screws that hold the screen to the back cover.  However, mine (UX303-LB) is a touchscreen (wish I hadn’t gotten that, I keep it turned off anyway), and doesn’t have a bezel that pops off exposing screws.  I FINALLY found a video that shows how to remove the screen from the back cover.  Turns out it just sort of pops out.  Here’s the link in case anybody else encounters this problem:  [|LFC#137 - Asus UX303L Hinge Repair]

I found a new back cover with hinges on ebay for about $80.  Jesus, that’s expensive for a piece of stamped aluminum, but what are you gonna do?  It’s still a !&&* of a lot cheaper than a new computer.