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Original post by: Mic ,


Just confirmed after so many times of trying and researching.

This appears to be a universal issue among iOS 11 and 12 on mostly iPad Pro 12.9

With some “tweaking” you might happen to get rid of the bug, however, this is an issue from systematic level so it’s none curable.

So far I have restarted reset my iPad Pro for like 20+ times, tried all kinds of ways, and was “forced” to uploading/reporting to Apple customer service/engineers about my issue. They thanked me verbally numerously but I don’t have time to donate, especially when this company is full of cash.

I’m done with them.


1: sell/return your ipad for iPad Pro 10.5 which mostly resolved this issue (now I see why previous owner sold me this iPad Pro)

2: DFU install iOS (or not), wait for future iOS. It might solve the issue, might not, god knows.  Live with it.

There is no 3rd option, unfortunately. And apple don’t care.

This is my last post, unless I have a true solution, I won’t be back.

Take care.