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Check the consumer rights in your country. Apple may legally obligated to repair the device for free. Because of the consumer rights in my country (United Kingdom), Apple had to cover the costs of the repair. If this applies to you, waive your consumer rights in the store or make a claim by contacting Apple here: .

For those who consumer law does not apply to, it may not necessarily mean you have to replace the screen. When in the store, the Apple worker informed me of the prices if I had to pay. He said that the price for the cable (around £100) and the  price for the screen (around £300) were separate costs. And I could have the cable replaced without replacing the screen, reducing the cost. They even showed me the Apple Store email confirming the two separate prices. So it may only end up costing £100 not £500. Arguably still a high price for a cable, but a lower price than originally quoted.