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Original post by: iRobot ,


I am having the exact same problem!  I have an ipod touch 2nd gen that I recently bought off ebay and the only problem the guy said it had was the screen would not open.  I opened the ipod touch, cleaned it and looked around at the parts and everything looks ok, though I noticed from the headphone jack that the ipod has gotten wet.  Everything else from what I know so far works great.  The ipod powers up, is recognized by itunes, the battery charges, lcd screen works, I have restored it several times, updated the firmware, and it syncs.  I have tried two different screens: #821-0627-03 and 04 but neither is working.  I am about to pull my hair out trying to figure out why this screen would not be working!  I keep looking at the connector thinking it may have some corrosion inbetween the pins but I can't tell (even with a magnifier) if that's just the color that's off or actual corrosion.  I have cleaned the connector also with 90%+ Alcohol, too.  Help Help Help PLEASE!