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Original post by: barry keithley ,


I had this similar issue but I got a used broken xbox one off of ebay for cheap thinking it was a cheap fix. I ultimately had to buy the used motherboard and blue ray drive combo kit for 99 from ifixit in order to get this to work. There was a bad capacitor broken off the motherboard from the ebay xbox one. After I replaced the board I of course had to do the offline update which was the 4g ntfs fix. Basically reinstalling the os manually from a thumb drive. I basically wanted to fix it knowing that I can fix it since it was fighting with me.

For the hair dryer method that seems all wrong in many ways and it shouldn’t work. If you blow hot air into the back of the xbox that is and can cause more damage. I would almost think the board gets too hot and the caps heat up and leak or get damaged due to a bad design or bad parts. My board from ifixit had different parts on it and looked newer or refurbished from the other board that was bad but I did resoldering those parts on and it did work but due to the xbox one probably being knocked off a shelf in rage the board was just bad.

The board swap was pretty easy and just takes some time. The sharp aluminum edges almost sliced my hand open a few times but I got all done without issues. The screw replacement kit was also a good idea but didn't come with hard drive screws.  Will be buying more stuff from ifixit again and again. Thanks