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Original post by: Tomas Brunclik ,


Hey guys, I have one tip to make sure your problem is not caused by a virus: Boot a Linux CD/DVD or a USB flash stick. It is really easy, there is plenty such Linux systems for download (ie. and you can prepare the DVD or flash stick from Windows, or you can get such DVD as part of a PC magazine, or you can buy or even get one for free over Internet, just search. When booting, press ESC key just as the display shows first thing and then F9 to select the device to boot from. This way you bypass even the boot sector of your hard drive, so even a boot sector virus won’t have any influence.

Then do some computer intensive task, for me it overheats the notebook unfailingly if I convert a batch of RAW images from my camera to JPEG in RawTherapee, but converting a movie to other codec will probably do as well. Just try to make the same thing, which overheats your computer in Windows.

If your notebook overheats in BIOS or during install off a Widows CD/DVD  (not off a hard drive-stored installer or off a recovery partition), it is not a virus either.

NOTE: If the notebook overheats in Linux similarly as in Windows, the cause is not a virus. But it does not work the other way around: If it does not overheat in Linux, it still can be something other than a virus, for example faulty and overheating hard drive, which will not be used when running a live Linux, together with unclean incoming air vents in the cooling system.