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Original post by: Loretta Leo ,


I am having a similar problem with my Note 4.

Having tried the numerous  cables and such that I have accumulated and a brand spanking new battery. I’m thinking it is something from with in.

There isn’t any “little” buzz feeling. for a lack of better word to describe. when the power cord is inserted.

Also. the phone had been running pretty hot and the battery did not seem ( old battery) to last as long as it should have. when it worked that is…   Not sure if it’s related or not.

I have not had the current new battery long enough to see if it too was draining too quickly,

Any way, I am going to look into that wireless charger, see if it’s available for my cell. seems very convenient as well!

Tynan. I wish you well with getting your phone up and running.

Sorry that I was no help to you, but, Thank you for posting a question that helped me. and the others for posting and answering.