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Hmmm.  I am thinking that perhaps you used the wrong type cable, they are specific!  Typically when this is done there will be components near the LVDS connector on the logic board that may get damaged or perhaps a chip onboard will fry instantly.  However, since you still have signs of life I suggest that the connector in the logic board is damaged, look carefully (with a magnifying glass and a strong light to see if any conectiins to the connector is damaged.  Also you can look inside the connector on logic board to see if any black areas are preventing a connection.  There is also a fuse in that location but since you have lines this fuse should be good but there is one line obviously not making contact.  Perhaps you used a used defective cable but since using the old cable gives you the same results I'm tho king it's in either the connector inside the screen or where it attaches to logic board.  I have used the striker from a book of matches to wedge inside the connector and rub gently back and forth to clean the contacts as the striker is a very fine sandpaper.  You can download free Board view schematics but you may have to watch Louis Rossmann videos to get tips and if you see his board views the name of the free Board view websites is on his screen sort of a water mark.  This will give you ideas of what voltages are supposed to be.

I would suggest you let someone else handle this as they will have test parts etc to eliminate the possibility of a bad cable or a bad LCD.   Knowledge rules but without proper tools knowledge is almost useless.

NOT recommended procedure but while the laptop is on I have removed the LVDS cable from the logic board and slipped it in and out a few time until it worked.  When and if it does work if you turn it off and on and it reverts back to lines them a diode or capacitor is likely damaged and this is a technical repair requiring SMD and a microscope, as well as a donor board to rescue parts from.

Without test parts you have a difficult task ahead.  Try to find a local repair guy on Kijiji to help you since SMD repairs are typically $300. range.  Aliexpress also have mail-in sites that may offer a cheaper fix than Rossmann.

Sorry I can't help further and hope all works out but people, don't attempt these type of repairs yourself unless it's something you picked up off kijiji for cheap and you don't lose hundreds of dollars making a mistake due to lack of knowledge, skills, equipment.

You now need an LCD to use as a test to see if logic board is damaged.