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Original post by: Gloria Williams ,



Sorry to late reply, I know this is stupidity to answer in this thread but i recently join this forum. And this makes me happy if i could help you.

As you said your netgear router showing wifi signal light but not working. Kindly reset your router to default settings. Check below steps to reset your router:

* Firstly, connect your router to your device (PC, Laptop) and modem with help of Ethernet cable.
* Now press reset button. (Reset button appear on the rear panel of router body, positioned in very small hole so you need to take help of a pin)
* Press and hold reset button for 10 sec, now release. Your router is booting up.
* After completion of booting you need to check your firmware or browser is updated.
* Clear cache and cookies
* Open Browser and enter or instead of [|] to enter login webpage.
* Now Netgear router login webpage display, Enter credentials
* Find smart wizard or genie interface wizard to find wifi internet connection.
* Go with System instructions.

Follow these steps, i am sure if anybody who face this issue, will resolved