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Hi!  As you suggested, this usually has to do with the tread on the rollers wearing down over time.  Higher-end printers (particularly HP lasers & office/pro grade printers) usually have maintenance kits available with replacement rollers, but a quick search on eBay didn't reveal any for that model unfortunately.  The manual it came with may tell you if there are replacement parts available from HP.

I'm not too familiar with your specific printer, but does it have an alternate front of back paper input?  Sometimes printers have envelope feeders, or alternate feeders for different types of paper, and generally these are a better way to feed in thick paper, if yours does happen to have a secondary feed method.

I've heard of people using light sandpaper and nail files to slightly rough up the rollers, which might be something to try.

Also, the manual will generally state what paper weights the printer will work well with.  While it handled heavy paper before, that may have been thicker paper than the printer was designed for, and so when replacing it, it would make sense to make sure you're getting something designed for the paper weight you like to use.