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Anyone with a MacPro 4,1 and later has upgraded to dual 6 core processors and added a 8gb AMD graphics card because unlike the rest of the crap Apple produce,  it can be upgraded.  So it is irrelevant what Apple say because they don't know their arsehole from their mouth. Under 10.13.6 you can now use M2 Samsung SSD chips that run twice as fast as Sata based SSD's.

1. Make sure you use the old graphics card to install 10.13

2. Install firmware as below douglasw use an external disk with osx with an earlier system like 10.10 then you don't have to disable SIPS

3. If it wont update or the fans are running at full speed then you may have faulty motherboard components, ram, tray, backplane board, processors (have not seen processors this yet just badly installed or damaged cpu pins)

3. Do not use File Vault

4. If you have an older machine or troubles installing try using dosdude patcher 10.13 or 10.14

;) give Tim cook a kick in shins from me

Macman (the far from genius)