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Unable to restore via itunes, or reformat via windows 7. Advice?


Hello. So, this is an old ipod I found laying around the house. When it's in normal mode, not connected to anything, it tells me to restore it in tunes.

I try to do so. It isn’t going through successfully. Itunes (it is up to date,) recognizes this ipod, but recognizes that it's in recovery mode.

So, I also try to reformat via windows. No luck. The error message “Windows is unable to format disc x" pops up, even with the correct default settings.

No idea what else to try. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver a few times, went into diagnostic mode to see if anything stuck out, (I'll be honest, I don't understand any of it, but I took pictures of a few of the screens…) and put it into disc mode to see if itunes could restore it then too. (Itunes won't even recognize it in disc mode.)

So, I've tried to restore via itunes, reformat via windows, go into disc mode, and have reset it manually many times. It still tells me to restore my ipod via itunes.

No idea what to do. Some advice?


iPod Nano 1st Generation