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(Note: I had a lot of help from MateoConLechuga on this answer)

Hi, a screen replacement is likely to work, however your part seems to be incorrect. The display is a '''[|GiantPlus GPM1421C0] '''the latest display is a '''GPM1607A1'''  fortunately, it doesn’t matter which one you get since they are interchangeable'''.''' Unfortunately, we have no idea where you could buy one, we believe TI sources them directly. :(

If you want to be sure you’re getting the correct display, I would suggest buying a broken TI 84 Plus CE(-t) that still has a working display and salvage the display out of that. Make sure not to buy a TI 84 Plus C'''S'''E since the display is NOT compatible with the TI 84 Plus CE(-t).

Just out of curiosity, does [guide|111572|RAM resetting or reinstalling the OS] help fix your display? Does this answer on helping repair an LCD and running the display self test help ( [post|535626] )? Good luck with your repair!