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Original post by: Manuel Barragan ,


Bro I have the answer I have a 2012 Nissan Ultima my CT transmission fluid they say was low or that was the problem because it was screaming real world specially during the summer times it was screaming that I can hear from the inside of my car with the windows rolled up in the AC would be on it would hit that thing up it would scream then it started jerking like yours he did that for about six months stop the car then chill for a little and I could take off and do it again so he did it another time and I decided I would change up the spark plugs I change the spark plugs fixed it for about a month and a half then it started jerking  again so now I go and check the spark plugs again come to find out once loser I kind a got up and I am in Greece this time work find a nanny for about 23 weeks then he started jerking on again jerking on me again this time I’m afraid because when I’m stopping to cool off normally it gets good and goes again this time and didn’t I’m 40 miles away from work or away from home at work and I’m like what do I do I want to go to RPMs and not as fast as the car allowed me to go I went home I made it actually at two RPM so I was able to get TopSpeed 40 miles an hour That is all the RPMs will allow me to go top speeds 40 now I’m worried next time song I have my niece my transmission screaming at me my car is jerking I feel as though the radiator fans are coming on anymore because I’m thinking the car is getting hot and it just no heat in my car so bad and on my gauges probably not working on think he died got busted blocks because the car is overheating and is not telling me I’m going through a world of hurt Because now I’m thinking I’m gonna be have the screening $5000 to change my transmission and dad telling what else is wrong with it I have the answer to your problem and it’s only gonna cost you eight dollars so I’m pretty broke days do I live here in California all I’m asking for is 20 bucks and I’ll give me the answer if it doesn’t work I’ll send your money back I’m a good guy and my word is solid if you already done took care of itGood day