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Original post by: Courtney Banks ,


I had a similar problem with the Beats X. They wouldn't turn on and had a light then the light stopped turning on and they stopped charging altogether. I immediately contacted Apple because I've dealt with several pairs of defective Beats, (I know, I should have stopped trying after like Solo 2 pair 4, but these looked promising) and I knew they'd just take them in and fix/replace them and I'd be good to go until they went out again, hopefully within warranty.  Well I was wrong. I sent them in at the Apple Store and they were nice as usual, assuring me my beats would be fixed and should return in around 5-7 days. Well I get an email from support saying I'd have to pay to get the beats fixed because the mesh was punctured on one of the earphones which voided the warranty. Beats are made like crap and they couldn't even just fix them considering the issue had nothing to do with “punctured mesh" which they acknowledged. Perhaps I've finally learned not to waste time and money on a sub-par sounding, poorly made pair of fashion headphones.