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Original post by: Tynan ,


Need help connecting it to my laptop please


OK so I bought a EVO VR Bluetooth Video game controller for my LG V20 and it works fine. I also have emulators and ROMS/ISOs  on my Toshiba Satellite C855 S5115 that I want to use this controller for aswell, but I have 2 problems I need help with if possible…

First, can this controller even be connected to my laptop ? Product info says for android or iOS but doesn't say whether it can or can't connect to laptop. I can't find any other info or situations similar to mine….

Second, for some odd reason I can't access or toggle my Bluetooth on or off, I don't even have the option in settings, using Windows 10. I have used it before and it shows my old paired devices but I can’t toggle it on or off or make visible or pair, etc… I can’t even find the icon in the hidden icons or task bar.  Can somebody guide me on how to figure out if my Bluetooth is even installed or how to find it or reinstall or something please ? Its driving me nuts

Thanks in advance !!


Evo VR Bluetooth Game Controller