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Blue light, nothing else


Back in April, I made the unfortunate discovery that my New Nintendo 3DS XL’s top screen had cracked in my backpack. There was a bit of frustration ensued (mainly just slamming the system shut). When I tried to turn it on later that day, it wouldn’t completely boot. Only the blue light would turn on (and the charging light if I plugged it in). The screens would both remain unlit, as well as the wireless communications light. I initially dismissed this as my 3DS being stupid and something I would easily be able to fix and/or wait out. Days and weeks passed, there’s no new developments. I removed the MicroSD card, the game card, and the battery, and still the problem would not resolve. Since then, I’ve gotten a New 2DS XL, but I would like to hopefully bring this back from the dead if it’s possible.

I called Nintendo earlier to see if they could identify the problem. I only got to the first level technician, in which she wasn’t able to provide an answer, but she did inform me that my system was ineligible for repair…meaning that I can’t send it in to them even if I wanted to. I’m giving some thought to moving my way up through the customer support system to see if I can at least get theories as to what the problem could be and going from there.

So, basically….here’s a brief summary plus a bit of additional info

The device is a New Nintendo 3DS XL (2015).

-Cracked top screen (which I slammed the system shut upon discovery)

-Only '''a solid''' blue light would turn on, indicating that it is indeed on (charging would turn on if I plugged it in)

-Screens would not light up

-No sound

-Nintendo refuses to fix it even if I wanted them to. I haven’t yet found out from them possible theories as to what the problem is.

-Occurred in April, no improvement since.

-I tried removing and placing battery back in, turning on system without the MicroSD card, and the game card. I also gently blew dust out of the game card slot, and cleaned it with a swab and isopropyl alcohol. No change.

So…yeah. If you guys have any theories or additional questions, pleeeease let me know. I’m in no huge rush. The main reason why I would want to try to bring this back was so I can put CFW stuff on it since it’s not really my main system anymore.


Nintendo 3DS XL 2015