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Original post by: Russell ,


I am a licensed electronic technician with 30+ years experience.  I recently had a GE over the range microwave power.  It is plugged into a dedicated outlet.   Model JVM3160FS3SS.

I opened the unit to discover a blown main fuse.  This is a 20 Amp fast-blow standard glass fuse.  A search for a replacement fuse at the GE parts website was startling!

All parts for this microwave are priced out of this world.   The fuse costs 50+ dollars for one piece, whereas general electronic suppliers sell these in 5-packs for under 10 dollars.  GE won’t even sell you the magnetron tube, but third party sellers will for 260+ dollars.   Heck, the replacement fan motor will cost you 340+ dollars.

The lesson here:   This microwave is not economically repairable.  A new unit with 1 year warranty sells for $199.