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Original post by: Skye Anderson ,


As Gerald said,you can try that option. But the fact it goes dim like that makes it seem like a component issue. As for connecting to an external display,it won’t display until it fully boots up. The hard drive is what has the drivers for that generally anyways. So it wouldn’t do that yet. With a desktop,it is designed to output to a monitor,period. A laptop or Mac is designed to display to its internal screen first. Displaying externally is a feature and requires appropriate drivers for that.

Jessa Jones is very good at these repairs. She specializes in iPhones. She has repaired macs before. You can contact her at if you need to. She has good pricing,and is very popular amongst the apple repair community on ifixit soldering.

She fixes quite a lot of iPhones that have no backlight. It’s usually the filter that blows and leaves an open line(meaning one point to another for electricity is broken). This is a very common causs for backlight. Have you taken the hard drive out? If so,does it still $@$* down after 10 seconds?