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Original post by: Juan Manuel LF juanm55 ,


Ok, for those poor souls that nothing has worked so far yet… like mine…

Of course dependent on the design of your MacBook  and could affect any other MacBook, as I was able to verify with a friend.

I recently bought a Bose Revolve portable speaker, my setup was as shown below (the speaker is the grey cylinder at the left of the computer), I had just moved the Bose there since I had just finished charging it. However it seems like the sensor for the lid close on this MacBook is placed precisely around the left Shift zone, so the magnet inside the Bose, was triggering it, so of course, the screen would not work, the keyboard would not work, the trackpad was useless (of course you don’t need those if the lid is closed)


So, just came back to this page to register that, in case it saves someones soul some suffering… move the computer from where you have it to see if maybe there is some strange magnetic field or something that is messing with the sensors, haha, have a good one