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Original post by: Jeff T ,


Removed magnetic cover

I removed my magnetic “smart feature” cover. It isn’t the original Apple cover, it’s a spigen cover with magnetic wake function, but I don’t think it matters. I think that the delay is connected to the accelerometer because if the iPad is flat or stationary then the touch problem doesn’t occur. If I move the iPad slightly from its stationary position, (e.g. Holding it in my hands) then the touch  problems happens.  Also I noticed that it happens more often when I would fold the cover flap back and would use the iPad with two hands. After removing the magnetic cover I cope with this in a few ways:

# When it occurs I will press the home button and then the app icon a couple of times.  Go in and out from app to home screen approximately 5 times
# If I plan to hold the Ipad in my hands then I unlock the iPad and move it around in different orientations to allow to accelerometer to resolve itself and then usually the problem doesn't happen.

The problem also only occurs after unlocking/awaking the iPad so i upped the time out to 5 min to let the iPad to warm up.

I hate that this is happening and was very fustrated in the beginning.  I fell out of warranty in October but the problem occurred after I updated to ios11 during July. If you get your hands on a replacement that is on 10 I recommend staying on it. Updates never seem to be worth it for me.