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Original post by: Ben Sweedler ,


Why don't my key presses respond right away?


I've had my laptop for over a year, and it developed this problem recently. About once a minute a key press (or lifting a key up) won't respond until a couple milliseconds after I hit the key (and in the lifting case the key will count as being pressed a couple milliseconds longer than I'm really pressing it). This causes me to die a lot in games that need precise timing!

I guess this could be a hardware or software problem, I'm not sure. I'm running Vista/Ubuntu in dual boot if that's helpful for some reason.

I do eat while computering often, but this doesn't sound like food stuck in the keyboard, does it?

I've tried uninstalling programs that had been recently installed when I noticed the problem, but that didn't change anything.

Well, thanks for at least reading my problem. Have a cool day everyone!


Dell XPS M1530