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Original post by: Graham ,


IR connector broken - do I need to repair or remove?



I had what seems to be a classic error while upgrading my Mid-2011 Mac Mini hard drive to an SSD and broke my IR connector. I unfortunately didn’t grab a picture and don’t especially want take it apart again.

What I did was attempt to pry up the clip and 3/5 of the connector bay came up with it. So part of the bay is still attached, although one pin came off entirely, and the rest is just floating there.

From what I gather thus far in my reading, I can live without the IR connector as I don’t use a remote and don’t care about the on light.

My question is, however: am I going to cause a short or any ill-fate to my computer by just leaving this connector hovering above the spot it’s supposed to attach to the logic board? Do I need to either fix it or remove it entirely?

Thanks for your help!



Mac Mini Mid 2011