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Original post by: Omol ,


Mini jack broke. WHere do I find the spare part? should I buy new pc?


Last night  I dropped my surface pro 3 from the bedside. it landed on the sid because the kickstand was out. Next morning  I took it to my desk for charging. and I noticed that the mini-jack had a protuberance: A 5-7mm metal cylinder, wiht some black hard plastic scatterd around on it.  I have previously changed the screen so I thought I oculd just look up spare parts. but I can’t find anything on the minjack. on the official ifixit article, it should be lumped under “ the everything cable”. but its not directy visible in that image. I just imagine it is inside the rectangular plastic container.

I can’t find it on aliexpress. because I don’t know what to call it. no results for mini jack, or audio and no results for “ the everythign cable”. and seraching for power button solely returns the actual power button. not the cable set.

Just to be clear, this morning, ONLY the audio jack got broken.  the rest already kind of is.

I need to order a new screen anyway, is what I am thinking, since the touch only works on half the  screen. it hurts a bit to have to buy tape, screen a new mouse, and then also an audio jack. my finances are a bit weak at the moment. I do own ahammer and wondered if I could just hammer it back in?

or should  Isave up a bit more and buy asurface or a macbbook pro? I no longer study chemistry so I don’t need to draw. but my wrists like uisng a pen.


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