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Original post by: gervera ,


I had same problem with iPad Pro 12.9 inch but last night I  could fix the problem.

what I did was to turn off

-  Siri completely

-turn off all notication and widgets

* turn off  notifications of calendar and most other apps except for the few important once I use all the time
* turn off background app refresh
* turn off fetch new data
* reduce emotion.
* after that I did reset just by holding the wake and home button for like 10 seconds
* after that downloaded a new keyboard from the App Store there are many there but I choose Go keyboard and delete the original apple keyboard because it some times don’t respond to click.
* Now my IPad Pro 2017 works perfectly fine.
* NB     but i still notice little lagging with using the iPad and charging at the same time, but when not on charge it works perfectly fine