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Original post by: michel ,


iPhone 6 Plus first generation….I had the same issues as all above, apps opening by themselves, self typing, ultra sensitive screen, items jumping around all over….it even called someone on FaceTime twice by itself when I was not in the room…..I thought the phone was toast and i’d have to buy a new one took me a while to figure out but it was the extra cheap block plug I bought at a dollar store for convenience of an extra charging station when I move around the house from den to living room…..cord was fine but bought a new Apple brand block plug…no more problems works just fine now. This issue was a recent event so had to narrow things down to what had changed recently to my phone so I could figure it out.

I even had the same problem on a laptop with documents opening up by themselves…..a laptop that was plugged in to the same wall plug as my phone charger with the dollar store block plug….until I changed the block plug.