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Original post by: Jake Bertuglia ,


Same issue here. Bought a replacement hard drive for this laptop and it will not show the drive after the first time I booted the device to install windows.  This is the third hard drive I have tried in this machine and each time it’s the same issue; works for a short period of time and then the drive stops being recognized by the system at all.

I have cleaned the connections, tried a reflow of the daughter-board which has the SATA connector (and the motherboard too).  Then tied a new HDD… NOPE. Fails within 30 minutes of the install.

Bottom line is this is a very poorly constructed laptop with poorly engineered parts. This was supposed to be an easy refurb for a friend, and it’s just turned out to be a money pit.

I do not recommend the Asus R5XX model line, and will be going back to Toshiba.