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Original post by: Naquib Alam ,


Autofocus issue in liveview for Tamron 70-300mm


I have been facing autofocus issue with Tamron 70-300mm VC USM lens on  Nikon D5300. The camera autofocuses fine through viewfinder but it is  not able to autofocus at all in liveview, the lens just hunts for  autofocus but not being able to autofocus in the end. The camera  autofocuses fine in both liveview and viewfinder with all other lenses,  which rules out the possibility of being something wrong with the  camera.  The Tamron lens was working fine like a week back and it suddenly  started having this issue. I need help on what might be the cause of this and how to get it fixed.  Thanks.

P.S: There are some dirt particles when i look through the viewfinder but it doesn't affect the shots. Just for FYI.


Nikon D5300