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Original post by: Mike Travix ,


I am on my 2nd LG, a V20.  I bought it because the first LG died so it was more of a replacement, not a new purchase. It has never worked inside my home while my wife has an older iPhone which always works. We are on one of the big 3 (I won’t mention who as I refuse to advertise for them).  I have an ap that measures the signal strength and the BEST I have ever had inside my home is -110 dB which is basically NO signal as -100 is considered the bare minimum or zero signal. The carrier says it is not their problem and LG says the same thing.  The phone works reasonably well outside the house but what good is it if it does not work inside my home?

BTW, the 1st LG had the exact problem.  One thing for sure is I will NEVER buy another LG phone. For the record, I am NOT working for a competitor or any paid hacker or troll, but a legit phone owner.

On a side note, we bought an iPhone off eBay that was advertised “New, in original box” with warranty. After 3 months I had problems where the phone stopped charging so I took it to the Apple retail dealer who plugged it in and much to my surprise found out it was 2 years old!  He showed me on his iPad screen the original purchase date along with a repair made in 2017 (it is now Oct 2018). Man was I P/O’d! He said he could not give a copy to me but he could show the eBay fraud dept so we communicated with the seller who dragged their feet so I went to PayPal who finally refunded our money. So buyer beware!

So is there a solution that solves the crappy reception on the LG V20?