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Original post by: Louis Reed ,


I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 1- 128gb. Here is my issue it is in disk error loop. If I guessed the issue correctly given the error it states \\?\System.  I’m guessing one of the previous owners had a error during OS upgrade or install or possibly a power failure in the process. Now of course in the past I’ve always just pulled the SSD or HD and reformatted. The problem is the UEFI as a BIOS is useless and controlling and makes USB boot impossible. Thus the only solution is pull and format then I have the display bear to deal with if that cost 15 bucks I’d just bust it up and put another display on but they run 70 bucks. Pay for a professional heat pad that’s 80 bucks. I tried pro repair shops and their so clueless they don’t even know the there is an SSD card in the unit and they blabber on about the disk as part of the motherboard. Anyone know of a backdoor way into the unit via a cable? My guess is no thus to me it seems the solution is crack up the display and hope I can pull without breaking or some type of back panel surgery or buy a heat pad.