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Original post by: Kalani Amaya ,


All the answers here are wrong especially when the microwave is new I don’t think these people answering are understanding the question but I do because I had the same problem!!

It's not the actual microwave itself that is the problem here  people it's the outlet we’re plugging it into. You  can Google it addressing the outlet not the microwave because my '''''GFCI'''''  (''the reset button on your kitchen outlet'')  kept popping out when I would plug it in realizing it’s not the actual microwave mine went on when I finally found the right outlet.  However if you live in an apartment and it is two bedroom and up you have an outlet that can handle it,  so go find it!! ...  '''HOWEVER''',  if you have a one bedroom or smaller you will not have an outlet for that microwave and you must have a "Licensed Electrician" come over and switch out the outlet from a 15 amp to 20 amp it will take 5 minutes but don't have anyone else or yourself being unlicensed try doing it to save a few dollars because whoever it is  they will die from being fried from the inside out aka '''ELECTROCUTED!!!'''    It's inevitable '''THE PERSON MUST BE A "LICENSED ELECTRICIAN" PERIOD !'''