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Original post by: Anthony Kouttron ,


Hi. What you are experiencing is a form of coil whine. Try messing with the monitor settings in the included monitor on screen controls. You mentioned adjusting brightness on a previous monitor. Did you have any luck adjusting the brightness on this monitor?

Here is a decent guide about coil whine:

It seems that some folks have tried varnishes or silicone to dampen the vibrations inductors make. I have not tried this myself, so I don’t know how well it works. From what it seems, you may not be able to completely get rid of the coil vibrations by using a varnish or silicone, they will just be reduced.

I would try fiddling with the monitor for a bit. Some folks reported the noise going away when they switched to a different input cable / input source.

It looks like your monitor has multiple inputs and an external power brick. I would try switching to a different hdmi port and moving the power brick as far away as possible. It may be your power brick that is emitting that harsh noise, and not the monitor itself.  Try another power brisk. You can try listening to the power brick when unplugged from the monitor to see if it emitts that specific noise. This is not the most scientific test, as the brick is not under load when unplugged from the monitor, so it may not produce a coil whine at all. If it does, find a replacement / RMA from samsung.

Good luck!