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Original post by: Andreas Carlsson ,


High Pitched noise from this Display – Is there a way to fix it?


I’ve had this display (Samsung 34” Wide screen) for 3 years, and now it has started to emit a high pitched noise. It’s so uncomfortable that I can’t work properly. I also have tinitus, which makes it worse… :(

Can someone please advise me what to do? Googling about this, high pitched noises are common for monitors (I also had it on an older display, but it vanished when I set the brightness on max). One solution is to apply a lot of glue on some of the components on the motherboard.

My question is: Where on the motherboard should I apply this?

It’s probably easy to open the monitor, even though I can’t find any guides on the net…

PLEASE HELP – My brain is about to explode! :((


Samsung Display SE790C Series S34E790C