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Original post by: Janelle (21) ,


I recommend speaking to Apple Support, but I won’t throw you off to there right now as this is my a relevant place to slag answers.

# Try using different earpods if you have a second pair of the damaged or worn ones, if they don’t work it’s not A EARPOD PROBLEM, it’s a headphone jack problem. Go to the Apple Store at the Genius Bar, Apple Stores may appear far away from you, although it’s worth the visit intended.
# 2. If it’s only those, they’re probably damaged or worn out. It really, really makes a difference when you use them twice a day instead of something like 5. They’ll wear out quicker. I don’t want to slag you off with a new pair, or having to get a new pair, try to mess around with Sound settings and if you mess up, reset to default settings.. yeah!

If these don’t work, my little stuttering self wanting to help some Apple users experience users will be very embarrassed, but I’ll next try my best to give you some more tricks. - Janelle