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Original post by: Wesley Chan ,


Bright, horizonal lines on screen after water damage. How to fix?


10:00 pm. My Google Pixel 2 XL was hosed under a tap for about five seconds. Water drops can be seen on front and rear camera.

10:10 pm. Boot loop.

11:00 pm. Boots normally. Touch screen no response.

11:30 pm. Everything except camera (blurry image) works fine.

The next day.

8:00 am. Bright, discrete horizontal lines appeared on the left side of the screen. Dark colours (like black) can still be seen but anything brighter than grey will be saturated to white.

8:00 pm. The phone was blew under hair dryer with warm air. Cameras became clear again.

The next day.

11:00 am. The screen was taken off from the rest of the phone. Warm air blew to both touch input and display socket. Bright lines persist.

The lines look like this.

If you turn on the screen after staying off for longer than about 30 seconds, the display looks fine.


In about two seconds, a few bright lines appear.


Two more seconds, the first wave of lines suddenly become a gradient white area on the left side of the screen.


And the bright lines come back gradually. I filmed this with another phone so please ignore the grids.




What is the possible cause of this kind of damage? Can it be fixed and how?

Thank you.


Google Pixel 2 XL