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Original post by: cheawick ,


My mom is having similar trouble with her APC XS 1000 unit, battery is actually 3/4 full when unit is unplugged from the wall and still provides power to computer. Checked circuit breaker on the unit and that of the power strip, all good. All unit vitals look fine aside from showing 0% battery life when plugged in and hearing constant yet intermittent chirps from the APC unit. [br]


I’m personally thinking this is a self test issue where the unit does not detect a successful switch over to battery usage before it switches back to normal mode. Therefore the battery is fine, but there is a failure in the self test or part of that may be the charging system that does not allow the unit to attempt to continue, be this by design I don’t know yet as I’m still researching.

Chances are internal hardware failure and requires replacement of the entire unit, one positive note, since the battery is probably still good you can swap it out and reserve the newer battery for later use.

I’m no APC Guru but I’ve been using these UPS backups for decades and while not having many problems with them I have indeed experienced a few.