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Original post by: Gilcio Grella ,


OnePlus 6 won't start: hardware or software problem?


Hi guys![br]

My OnePlus 6 phone went dead. I was using it normally and then it turned  itself off and didn't come back anymore. When this happened, it was  plugged on USB (usb tethering) and 100% charged.[br]

After that, when I turn it on, it vibrates and the OnePlus logo appears  for less than a second (just a flash) and then it goes off again. If I  keep volume buttons pressed while powering on, the same thing happpens  but with Fastboot logo. I can't get to fastboot mode. I can only get the  phone detected in the Qualcomm mode 9008 (holding up key while  connecting USB to PC) and I've already tried flashing the stock ROM with  MSMDownloadTool and, although the process goes the way it should  without any error, after completed the phone reboots and the problem  remains the same (I've tried flashing both OOS and HOS files I've found  for using in MSMDownloadTool OP6). Note that I only got the device  notification light on when flashing the firmware using MSMDownloadTool.  Otherwise, that led light is always off. [br]

I've tried a lot of things to revive it, since power cycles (as  requested by OnePlus online support) 'til hardbrick procedures as I  described above.[br]

Here's a video showing the problem -[br]

Now, after hundred of times trying to turn it on, the symptoms keep the  same but instead of flashing the OnePlus logo or Fastboot logo as  before, the screen just flashes a low battery message. I can leave the  phone connected to the power but it seems that the battery doesn't get  charged anymore. [br]

As I'm from from Brazil and I've bought this phone from AliExpress  (China), OnePlus official warranty doesn't apply and I'm having trouble  trying get warranty from the AliExpress seller. [br]

Thus, I opened the phone and tried myself to find out if the problem is  hardware related. I've tried isolating things to clear up the situation:  first, I've tried turning the phone on only with the battery (without  the USB-type c port charging flex cable connected) and later I've tried  to turn the phone on only with USB power (without the battery). In both  cases, the same problem described before happens. [br]

So, finally, can anyone help me trying to sort this problem out!?[br]

Should OnePlus 6 turn on without the battery (with USB power only)!?[br]

Although the battery was 100% and seems that only now got discharged  after several attempts to turn the phone on, could the battery be  faulty!? [br]

Although I wasn't doing any flashing ROM procedures, could this case still be software related!?[br]

Is there anything else that I can try to do to fix my phone guys!?[br]

Thanks a lot!


OnePlus 6