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Original post by: Frank Dwyer ,


Hi I madeĀ  Content Manager work for my new Magellan RoadMate (Sept. 2018) by following his method in Windows 10. When Windows Installer gives you the option, install to C:/Magellan (so you can find the contents later). Go to that folder in Windows file explorer. Right click the file with the iconm titled mngContentManger (it is a plug-in and not a program), select option of run as administrator. Double left click the same file. Now go to the latest version of Chrome browser. Visit the website and log-in. Bingo, after a short spell, your computer should recognize your plugged in RoadMate and you can start the map update process. Note that you will need to eject the gps device when completed. If you want to revisit the update site for some reason, you will need to reboot and go through the process again. Worked like a charm for me after two days of tearing my hair out. Frank in Canada