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Original post by: Jac Tarl ,


RE: Panasonic Plasma HDTV Model No. TC P50U2 built October 2010

Hi all and thank you for all the responses. Thank you to the OP for sharing his experiences.

I read each response carefully.

Unfortunately, the manual for the accepted answer no longer exists, so I had to work with what I have read from your kind responses.

We refused to give up on our now very old technology TV. It is much heavier than newer models—  but was the only TV that did not trigger migraines.

After leaving the TV turned off for hours then removing many screws and carefully vacuuming the very dusty inside, the Panasonic TV manufactured in 2010 continued to flash the red light of death.

We did not see any signs of a damaged capacitor. We do not know anything about a fuse or where to find a fuse related to the electrical plug.

We do not believe the TV is worth paying hundreds of dollars more than a new “smart” TV. It is good for parts only.

We will take it to a recycle center and hope the components are recyclable.  It is a shame that this TV which was made in Japan 8 years ago  is worthless after only 8 years of life when old fashioned TVs that did not trigger migraines and made decades ago are still working.  Thank you again for your responses. They gave us hope for a few hours.

Kind Regards,