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Original post by: Mikkel Øgendahl ,


Unibody models have issues with the mainboard as well, that could cause the issue. It’s either the memory, or the GPU. If it’s the GPU, you can be lucky to reball it, if that don’t work = defective mainboard = new MBP. If it’s the memory, usually you can provoke this error by pushing around the memory blocks while it’s running. If so, you either have a defective block, or a defective mainboard. If you have 2 blocks in, try one at the time and see if you can provoke the error. If you can with both blocks,  If you use the exclusion method, you’d be able to pinpoint if it’s a block, or the board. If it’s the block = Yaaaay! If it’s the board = new MBP ;)

Don’t know if it fixes your issue, but let me know if it does :)