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Original post by: nkiersey ,


I was just wondering if you had any feedback on this. I actually have a 2017 iMac, into which I just put a 2TB 950 EVO, replacing the 2TB HD that was previous there. Right now I have the 2TB SSD fused with the 128GB NVME blade, but the read/write speeds are hovering around 500… which is not quite what I was hoping for (I actually think the regular 2TB fusion drive crushes this, in benchmark tests I’ve seen on YouTube).

I’m curious why an NVME+SSD fusion drive would be SLOWER than the HDD fusion setup. Any thoughts?

Reading your exchange above, I’m thinking perhaps better now to use the 128GB for booting, and the SSD for the home directory. But I remain curious as to why the NVME isn’t kicking in at least a bit, in my benchmark tests.