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Original post by: Tash ,


Is it my battery or phone?


Hi. So my phone got peed on by a cat. It didn't seem like it had much damage and the battery seemed untouched by the urine, but I turned my phone off and let it dry with the battery set aside. Just in case. I did get some pee in my phone as the little circle that changes color when your phone is water damaged, changed color.  That night my phone shut off on me twice, and from then it escalated. It is now overheating with any use and the battery won't even register with the phone half the time. Whether or not its charging. I tried charging my phone without the battery and it will show up with a logo to put a battery in, then when I put the battery back in, it doesn't register. I got it to briefly work after some persistence but I don't think it'll last long. The issues are getting worse and it's only been 4 days. Is this more of a battery issue from water corrosion/damage or is my phone on its way to die?


LG V20