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Original post by: Dan Settlemyre ,


I have tried this repair with some tape I got from Tom Gilks. I was unable (after two separate tries) to get the Ipod to work again, but it IS possible. The tape is extremely hard to get onto the board un-stretched and it is even harder to position and line up the new flex cable to the right spot, Though it IS, like I said, possible. Please check out this video. The guy who made it did the repair and did it well.

Also, the post directly above this one is from Tom Gilks himself, the man who can sell you some of the z-axis-conductive 3M adhesive you need. He is the best place to get it if you only need to do a few repairs. Don't lose hope if it doesn't work the first time, and DON'T take a hairdryer to it (I did, lol).