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Original post by: tarzaninakilt ,


My Nikon CoolPix P900 was shooting fine all day, then it mysteriously turned off with half the battery left. I didn't drop it or get any debris into the zoom barrel. Thinking it was just a battery fluke it put in a different battery, fresh, unused and fully charged. It gave no response.  When I took it home it didn't respond to either battery or the OEM charge cable. It shows no lights of any kind. I can run a sheet of paper all the way down the zoom shaft and slide it a full revolution around. This shows there isn't anything obstructing the movement.

After an hour of troubleshooting I plugged the usb cable into my MacBook. The camera didn't respond with lights or motion, but it has been giving a steady repetitive clicking noise out the bottom through a mic/speaker port. When I unplug the camera the click stops. I tried again with the fresh battery. Now when the terminals touch it makes two clicks out the bottom, then stays silent.

Any ideas?