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Original post by: HON WAN Lau ,


My laptop start having issue after 23 months. After sent to the Asus workshop to check and they said can't find any faulty parts.  On 24 months, the laptop is not able to turn on without 8 hours rest.

I have done the hard reset but the same problem came back after 1 week.


- Both power and Caps led on.

- Must disconnect the external keyboard and mouse or otherwise it won't be able turn on even after 8 hours rest.

- Battery was growing in size after 24 months. Due to the battery growing, it affects the keyboard (the center of the keyboard has a small hill) and later not able to close the screen. So, I removed the battery from the laptop because I scared that the battery explode.

I recommended this laptop to most of my co-workers and they bought it even though it's quite expensive.  I just worried that one day they will condemn my recommendation.

If this problem can't be fix, most likely we will switch to other brand.