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Original post by: soren ,


One beep with black screen, unable to start



Been reading all answers, but my situation is a bit different.  We have decided to upgrade an old MB Pro mid 2010 with 2 x 4GB RAM and SSD. Looking through the MB before upgrade, the battery suddenly started to bulge up and actually twist the entire frame and push the trackpad up. I immediately removed the battery, and tried the MB with just powercable connected. All worked fine. However, next morning before starting the upgrade I turned on the MB - or tried. Black screen, and single beep.

I have then tried all possibilities, PRAM and SMC reset, cleaning of RAM slots, new 4GB RAM in both slots, all to no avail. Even tried to undo and retighten (lightly) the 4 screws holding the RAM socket.

Any suggestions? I am afraid that the swelling of battery and subsequent twisting og entire frame could have damaged the logic board? But if so, how come it worked for several hours after battery removal?


MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010