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Thank you for the added information. I understand why you believe the problem is on the motherboard now. Please remove and clean your motherboard with isopropyl alcohol and a brush. Be liberal with the alcohol, don't worry about using too much. [guide|4314|Instructions for removing the motherboard are here.] I would suggest using pharmaceutical grade rubbing alcohol (95% or better)which you can get at many drug stores, since it will evaporate readily. You can actually use distilled water. What ever you use let the motherboard sit for several hours after you remove it to discharge the capacitors before cleaning it. Liquid will not hurt the board or components if there is no electricity present. Batteries and capacitors store electricity. After you clean it dry it with a hair dryer , no heat, or a fan to expedite drying. Be sure, be comfortable, that all is dry prior to re-installing the battery and the power source, let it sit over night. Now give it a try again. Doing what I have suggested here is where we need to start we must be sure there is no residue or contaminates on the motherboard or it's components before we can say that anything is bad or needs replaced. If you have already cleaned it once, please do it again in the manner I have asked at the very least to entertain me. Sometimes it takes more than one cleaning to get rid of the residues. You have mentioned multiple problems perhaps we can eliminate some or all of them with this.