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Original post by: Gary Davis ,


Wow. That's a lot.of answers and a lot of issues with one thing as the same for so many. Here's my two cents. There are multiple antennas in the phones these days. When you tear one down you should see them.  WiFi. Gps. Cell service types. There are usually two to three points of contact for each of these antennas. Obviously your gonna have to tear it down again or your stuck with what it is. Look at the contact points of all antennas. You'll know where the contact points touch If you actually look at it. If your a repairer and are diy then you need to take the time to understand what your working with. Tinfoil is good. But copper is better. F you put to much tinfoil or copper in a connection area of an antenna your risking burning up things that make the antennas work. And you can mess up the frequencies of the receiver.  So your phone will adapt and try keep connected and then your phone just dies. All over an antenna.  Just say take care to be mindful of what your fixing and gain as much knowledge of it as possible. Antennas are so simple. Yet theyre not. That said. Awesome fix with the tinfoil. Lol. Keep it simple and stupid. Lol.